Twerk & Twirl Basics:

An Asseling Mini-Workshop

Ass + Tassel = Assel

Want to learn how to shake your booty like a world champion? Sign up for our 60-minute twerk-tastic, butt tassel twirling workshop with Burlypicks 2015 World Champion Master of Assels, Lili Parallax!



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Workshop Description

Get ready to twirl those assels (ass+tassel=assel) with the World Champion Master of Assels 2015, Lili Parallax!

In this high-energy workshop, you’ll learn how to twirl your tassels while twerking and shaking your tushy in a variety of ways!
After warming up, we’ll apply our pasties and start learning some moves! The last part of class, we’ll put what we’ve learned together into a fun routine.


Pasties are not included. There will be an option to purchase when registering if you haven’t attended a Twerk & Twirl event before!


What to wear:
-Fitted, cheeky shorts are recommended so that the pasties can be applied directly to the skin. Pasties can be worn on fitted shorts with double stick tape, but it is not ideal and you may have problems with the pasties sticking. Coconut oil will be provided to remove the adhesive at the end of the workshop.
-Shoes are recommended. You may wear either athletic shoes or dancing heels (such as character shoes. Platform heels typically used for pole dancing are not recommended). You may have bare feet if you prefer, but some of the moves are higher impact and may be uncomfortable without support.
-Any top you feel comfortable in that doesn’t hang below your hips (we don’t want it to interfere with our tassels!)
What to bring:
-A positive, playful attitude!

Check the schedule under “Special Events” to see when the next Twerk & Twirl is!

Instructor Bio

Having always been one with her head in the clouds, it makes sense that Lili would eventually take flight. Lili Parallax is a performance artist specializing in the aerial arts, pole dance, and shaking her booty. When she’s not out and about performing in her notoriously sparkly leotards, she teaches at her favorite pole studio, her home away from home, Vertical Bliss Fitness.


$15 drop-in rate (tassels not included)

Packages may be used towards class cost. Tassels are not included, but may be purchased when registering.

All students must sign up online ahead of time. No payment of any kind will be accepted at the studio.

Registration can be found under the “Special Events” tab on the schedule.

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