Frequently Asked Questions

What is pole dance fitness?

It is dance, flexibility, strength, and gymnastic/acrobatic skills. Students use a vertical pole to exedute moves. The pole can be stationary (static) or spinning (rotating by itself). No experience necessary to get started!

Do I need dance experience?

Not at all! There are classes available for all skill levels. Adults of various shapes, sizes and experience levels are welcome! Our classes are designed to help you develop at your own pace in a comfortable and supportive environment. Regardless of your previous experience, we recommend you start with a Beginner PoleDance class or Chair DanceFit class so we can meet you and evaluate your skill level.

Are people of all genders allowed to participate?

Of course! Everyone is welcome!

However, please note that observation is not allowed, so you must sign up and actively participate in classes!

Are friends allowed to watch my lesson?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors to observe classes, for the comfort of all students. The first class is only $8 for anyone who wants to try a pole or chair dance class. Tell friends they are welcome to use the code “intro8” when registering!

What should I wear to class?

For Pole Classes:

You will need some skin exposed to grip the pole. We recommend at least the ankles and the back of your knees exposed. Light layers are good, especially in colder weather. This may include workout pants, long sleeve shirts, leg warmers, socks, etc. Layers allow your body to adequately warm-up in the beginning of class. Lyrical shorts, yoga capris, running or yoga shorts, sports bra, and tanks tops are recommended for pole classes. Bring socks to Beginner PoleDance Class.

Please refrain from wearing rings, watches, and bracelets during class to protect the pole surface.

For descriptions our pole classes, click HERE.

For Non-Pole Classes:

Anything stretchy and comfortable will do! Dressing in layers is always recommended for comfort and proper warm-up.

For descriptions of our non-pole fitness classes, click HERE.

May I wear heels?

You may wear pole dancing heels as long as you are safe and comfortable in them. They are not recommended if you are a beginner. Most students participate barefoot. If you do decide to wear heels, we recommend the brand Pleaser. This brand is made for pole dancing and offers adequate foot support.

What do I bring/ not bring to class?

Water is essential to maintain hydration. A small towel is recommended. You will be expected to remove all hand and wrist jewelry prior to dancing on the pole, so please leave these items at home if you don’t wish to leave them in your car or in your purse/bag. Bring a positive and playful attitude! Leave your troubles at the door!

What if I arrive late to class?

Arriving on time is essential to a safe and proper warm-up. If you are late we may require you to perform your own 8-10 minute warm up before participating in the body of the class.

How long are group classes and what should I expect?

Classes are either an hour or 45 minutes. Specific class times can be found on the schedule.

All classes begin with a full body warm up, followed by moves appropriate to that class, and end with a cool down/stretch.

How do I purchase a class or package?

Start by creating a customer account HERE.

Your personal account allows you to purchase classes and class packages. Enter valid promotional codes and make sure you proceed to the confirmation page to be registered for class(es). You should also receive a confirmation email. Contact the studio with any questions at

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my class reservation?

To cancel or change your booking, log in to your account and click on that class.

Go to our POLICIES page for restrictions on cancelling or modifying a group class booking. You will also find our policy on canceling or rescheduling private parties.

Do you have parking?

The parking lot directly in front of the studio is reserved for patrons of the cafe next door and can not be used while in studio classes or events Wednesday thru Saturday. Instead, you can find parking on nearby residential and commercial streets. Parking after 6pm weekdays and all day on weekends can be found at Clintonville Automotive Repair Service located on Oakland Park Ave. Parking is also available across the street on Dunedin Rd.

Sorry for this inconvenience!


For a map of where our studio is located, check our our CONTACT PAGE.

When do I get to go upside-down?

Our classes are structured to give you a safe progression in your pole dance/fitness journey. While inverting is a fun and exciting part of pole fitness, everyone moves at their own pace. Building strength and control takes time and is essential. We offer a variety of classes to help you accomplish your fitness goals. If you are not sure what class or level is right for you, please contact the studio. For a list of pole classes, please click HERE.

Am I too young/old to try pole dance?

Currently we only accept students 18 years and up. We don’t think you are ever too old to try pole dancing, but please be in good physical health as determined by your physician prior to attempting any new exercise program, including pole dancing.

Does Vertical Bliss offer parties?



A private party is a great way to have fun, learn great moves, and a new dance routine with your friends! These private events are customized to your style preference. Styles available will depend on the length of the party. Please email the studio at with questions on private events, or complete the form on our PARTIES PAGE.

Do you have even more helpful links?

Of course!

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