Meet our Staff

Pole Dancing and Fitness Instructors in Columbus, Ohio

Devon Crumay

Devon opened Vertical Bliss Fitness after 5 years of pole fitness and pole dance training in Columbus, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. She comes from a dance background primarily studying and teaching classical ballet. Devon discovered pole dance in 2010 and fell in love with the physical challenge of vertical training as well as its dance and sport aspect. Devon earned a Discoveries Dance instructor certification in 2014 for pole dance, holds a AFAA group fitness certification, and earned certification for Advanced Pole instructor through PFA in 2017. Devon enjoys hot yoga, running, and a variety of dance and physical exercise. “I love pole because it is the most physically challenging form of exercise I do and at the same time the most rewarding and fun! I love the pole community and have made amazing friends!”

Bridget Hollern

Bridget discovered Pole Fitness quite by accident. Tired of feeling out-of-shape, but not at all interested in “reguar” methods of working out, the opportunity to try pole fitness piqued her curiousity. One class was all it took! Not coming from any sort of dance, cheer or gymnastic background, Bridget struggled at times with the dance and extension aspects of pole, but that only made her more determined. Over the years she found that pole is for everybody, and your style is all your own! Now she focuses on strength moves and loves tumbles and drops. She was fortunate enough to qualify for the 2013 Midwest Pole Dance Regional Semi-Finals in Detroit, placed 4th in the 2014 Detroit Pole Fest Vertical Theatrics and Artistry competition, and placed 5th at the 2015 Arnold Classic Novice Division. Initially timid about performing, it has now become a driving force in her pole journey and she loves to show off her own style of pole to the world. A horseback riding instructor by day, teaching comes naturally to Bridget and she’s looking forward to sharing her love of pole with the students of Vertical Bliss!


Having always been one with her head in the clouds, it makes sense that Lili would eventually take flight.
Pole dance had never even been on her radar until a friend recommended it her over Eggs Benedict. What started out as complaining about the gym over coffee became a turning point in her life. She signed up for classes and hasn’t looked back! Since that first class, she’s added other aerial apparatuses to her repertoire, and performs both independently and with the Mikey Butane Performance Group and the Columbus Burlesque Collective.

She’s absolutely thrilled to be able to share her passion with her students, and is excited to be a part of Vertical Bliss Fitness!

Mia found her passion for fitness and performing arts in 2010. She started her pole training under Philippine’s Pole Master, Ed Aniel and Senior Instructor, Lance Santiago. Mia’s extensive training includes Barre, Crossfit, Boxing, Gymnastics and Yoga.

She loves to coach, teach, and share her fitness experiences with her students. Like other pole athletes, her vision is to have pole fitness be recognized as a unique, fun, and effective workout for women.


Jasmine performed competitively for 9 years in dance Color/Winter Guard. She came to Vertical Bliss in 2015 with the goal of finding a unique and creative outlet for cross-training while also increasing strength and endurance. Little did she expect to fall so deeply in love with the pole dance sport! Jasmine became a dedicated pole dance student and progressed quickly. She enjoys helping others in their pole fitness journey and now joins our staff as a talented instructor.  Jasmine’s style is contemporary flow with an emphasis on detail, character, and expression. Jasmine is proud to be a 2017 PCS competitor Novice Division at the Arnold Festival in Columbus, Ohio. She encourages others to try pole fitness and looks forward to sharing her love with the studio!


Lindsay’s dance journey began at age three. Her background includes ballet, tap, hip hop, African jazz, and burlesque. Lindsay had her first belly dancing experience in 2005 and became hooked right away. She soon became a level 1 and 2 instructor in Egyptian style belly dance at her studio. Since then, she has enjoyed teaching ages 3 to 93. In addition to teaching, Lindsay has entertained audiences at weddings, festivals, and restaurant events. Lindsay is excited to bring her talents to our studio.


Jill has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2003. Her love of fitness began as a gymnast and she excelled in diving. She became a 4x All- American at the University of Cincinnati and placed 3rd at the 1992 U.S. Olympic Platform Diving Trials. Jill went on to have a family and has 4 children. She found Vertical Bliss in November of 2016 and immediately fell in love with pole fitness and the pole community. Recognizing the unique strengths required for this sport, Jill has developed a sport-specific fitness class to help other aspiring pole fitness dancers. Jill hopes to share through pole that fitness can be, and IS fun!!