Chair Tease:

A Lap Dance Workshop

Columbus, Ohio

Want to learn how to give a great lap dance? Whether you’re looking for a new exercise or looking for new skills to share with a partner, we’ve got some great moves and tips to share with you!


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Workshop Description

Learn to embrace your inner vixen and discover the fitness benefits of chair and lap dancing as well as a sexy way to enhance your love life! Adrieene will help you make friends with your new, super-confident alter ego, and embrace your sexy freestyle. You will learn how to set the mood, perform basic chair, lap, and floor moves that you can dance in the privacy of your home as a fun alternate exercise or share with your partner.


What to wear:
-Workout clothes that you move around in
-Knee-high socks for floor work
-Knee pads (optional)


What to bring:
-Sexy, positive attitude!


 Check the schedule under “Special Events” to see when the next Chair Tease is!

Instructor Bio

Adrienne has been involved and trained in dance for over 24 years. What Adrienne loves most about pole is the confidence gained from reaching new levels of strength and endurance, as well as the artistic expression. In 2013, Adrienne competed as a finalist at Pole Dance Fest and was awarded 1st place in the Vertical Theatrics and Art Apprentice Division in 2014. Adrienne has also performed at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2014 and competed in the 1st Annual Arnold Amateur Pole Championship in 2015. Adrienne is inspired every day by her fellow pole dancers and loves to see her students learn and grow!


$25 for 90 minute workshop

Packages may not be used towards class cost.

All students must sign up online ahead of time. No payment of any kind will be accepted at the studio.

Registration can be found under the “Special Events” tab on the schedule.

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