Pole Class Descriptions

Pole dance and pole fitness classes are offered to meet your level of training. We strive to provide you a safe and progressive practice! Non-pole fitness classes are open to all levels.
Please see our policies page for information on canceling or modifying a reservation, and other important information.


Do you have previous dance experience? Please contact the studio for guidance in signing up for the class that best matches your skill level.


Please DO NOT apply body lotion or oils the day of class! It will make you unable to properly stick to the pole and can be dangerous.


Pole drop in classes are $20. For more pricing information click HERE.

Beginner Pole

No experience necessary! Bring your desire to move and we’ll do the rest! Have fun in this 50 minute class while learning the fundamentals of pole fitness. The stationary pole will be your workout partner as you become energized learning basic grips, walks, turns, spins, and beginner tricks that may be combined into a short routine. Many of the moves covered are required skills for entrance into PoleMoves1Please note: Poles may be shared in this class.


Wear comfortable workout clothes you can move in easily. Shorts are recommended but not required for your first visit. Bring water to stay hydrated! Do not apply body oils the day of class. Greaseless hand and body lotions are recommended instead of oils. Please remove hand and wrist jewelry prior to pole classes.


Use coupon code “intro8″at checkout when enrolling in your First Beginner Pole or ChairDance Fit class. Be sure to create and account in Pike13 prior to registering. Coupon is good for ONE use per customer and will be forfeited in the case of late cancel or no-show. Walk-in participation is welcome based on space availability.

Pole Dance Basics Image
Pole Dance

Elevate your pole dance experience in this 45 minute class with new grips, spins, and combos on stationary and/or spin pole. Confidence grows while transitions and floor work become fluid and stylized. We will also experiment with various music genres! Pole dance heels optional. Chair dancing may be incorporated into some routines! 


Prerequisite: At least TWO months of Beginner Pole and Pole Moves 1 classes as well as instructor permission, and/or previous pole dance experience. 

PLEASE remove hand and wrist jewelry.

PoleFit & Flexy

Ready to get fit and flexible? This 60 minute class is recommended for all levels to strengthen, condition, and increase flexibility. The conditioning portion will utilize your own body weight, the pole, elastic bands, light weights and exercise balls. Straps, mats, and yoga blocks will be utilize in the stretching and flexibility portion of class.


Wear comfortable workout clothes you can move in easily. Layered clothing including leggings or light sweat pants, leg warmers, and shorts are recommended. Bring water to stay hydrated! Non-refrigerated water is available for purchase.

PLEASE remove hand and wrist jewelry.

Pole Moves 1

This is a 60 minute Beginner to Beginner/Intermediate level pole skills class.


Prerequisite: At least one month regular attendance in Beginner Pole, instructor permission, and the following skills executed on both sides: Forward pole hold and variations, Side Pole hold (strong hold), Basic forward climb, Upright thigh hold, Pole sit with leg variations- torso switches and basic planks; Jasmine knee hold with hand grip variations, Beginner cupid, Superman floor plank, as well as beginner dance moves, and spins covered in Beginner Pole classes.


Wear comfortable workout clothes you can move in easily. Shorts are recommended to allow for leg contact with the pole. Bring water to stay hydrated! Non-refrigerated water bottles are available for purchase at the studio.

PLEASE remove hand and wrist jewelry.

Pole Moves 2

This 60 minute class is all things pole for Intermediate to Advanced levels. Instruction may include low flow and floor work on static and/or spin pole! Pole dance heels optional.

Minimum of TWO months regular attendance in Pole Moves 1 classes or equivalent experience and mastery of the following moves covered in Pole Moves 1: Forward climb variations, Side climb, Jasmine and variations, Superman variations, Reverse handstand mount, Basic invert, Gemini, Scorpio, Butterfly, Tammy (inverted thigh hold), Crossed knee release, Upright-T (crucifix), Inverted-T (inverted crucifix), Cupid variations, Advanced hood ornament, and intermediate spins on static pole.

PLEASE remove hand and wrist jewelry.

Open Practice
Focus on your favorite practice of pole moves, floor work, chair moves, or other routine with the supervision of an instructor. New moves will not be taught in this session. You will be responsible for your own warm-up. Please share the safety mat generously with your fellow polerinas and look for guidence from the instructor when offering help to others.


Open to all levels
Class Pricing

All students must register for class online ahead of time.

No payment of any kind will be accepted at the studio.

Pole drop-in classes are $20. For additional information on our discounted package pricing, click HERE.


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