Pole Dancer’s Valentine’s Day Wish List!



You must be reading this because SOMEONE in your life is pole-crazy! Whether its your best friend, family member, significant other, or even yourself, you might be searching for just the right gift for the frequent flyer! Read on for some great gift ideas for the poler in your life. Whether new to the game or a seasoned performer, they are sure to love these gift ideas!










1. Studio Time– Once the pole addiction starts, they will want to spend as much time as they can at their favorite studio! Vertical Bliss Fitness offers gift certificates good for classes and parties! Follow the link to buy them for your favorite polerina! Costs- $30-$100

VB Gift Certificates








2. Pole Box Membership– Ok, this one is just too easy! The Pole Box Club is a monthly subscription that sends out a gift box full of pole related items each month you subscribe. Options can be month-to-month, 6 month term or 12 month term. Your surprise gift box could include ANYTHING pole related from clothing, supplements, DVDs, grip, shoes and more! Costs- $35/month, $193/6 months, $370/year

Pole Box Club












3. Shoes! Most polers LOVE shoes, even if they aren’t quite ready to start performing in them every day, there’s a certain mystique and allure to wearing heels to dance in. It makes us feel sexy and empowered and just generally awesome! Plus, even if your dancer feels too wobbly to do upright moves, heel clacking on the floor makes everyone’s day a little bit brighter! Pleaser offers a high-quality shoe in a range of prices, heights, colors and sizes. (Tip- while a platform shoe SEEMS intimidating, it is actually far easier to dance in than a standard heel!) Costs- $40-$200








4. Pole Wear– Again, this can be just as much fun for the shopper as it is for the recipient! While there are several pole-specific brands of clothing (Bad Kitty, Polerform,DerbySkinz, Yogabella, and Pole Parlour to name a few) you can come up with equally fun, and extremely affordable ensembles by visiting your local Department or Big Box store and checking out their workout gear and underwear section! Sports bras and boy shorts in a wide array of colors and styles! Want something a little more risqué? Visit an adult store like Adam and Eve or Cirella’s or an online store like Yandy for more exotic performance wear. Costs- $5-$100 for something custom made








5. Massage and Chiropractic Work– All that flying leaves us polers a little sore and bruised from time to time, and a good massage and/or Chiropractic session can revive us! Costs- $50-100/session









6. Photography Session– Chances are good if you don’t know a photographer, your studio can probably recommend someone great! We polers are very proud of our tricks and poses and we love the chance to wear our favorite outfit and strike our favorite poses on the pole! Costs- Dependent on time, prints, outfit changes, etc, generally ranges from $100-$350












7. A pole, of course! The ultimate gift for the pole lover, is their very own pole to use at home. There are a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from, but only a few brands worth the purchase, so be careful on this one! X-pole, Platinum Stages, Lil’ Mynx and Pole Danzer set the highest standards and the poles are sturdy, solid and competition grade. Lupit Pole is a newer pole on the market, and offers the same high-quality as the previously mentioned poles, but at this time has to be shipped from Europe, making it a costlier option. Stay away from off brands or anything you can buy in a novelty store, as they do not have the capacity to hold during inverted moves and are only designed to do grounded poses with. Costs- $250-$500


Hope that helps you to shop for your poler bear! Any other ideas and suggestions?

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